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ways of sleeping

February 25, 2018 Leave a comment

One of the joys of having dogs is just watching the many ways they have of sleeping. Oswin in particular has a vast range of sleeping postures, from cute to adorable to hilarious. Sometimes she seems to be part cat!









Tol Tol too is an amusing sleeper. His “thing” is enjoying napping on multiple levels, with his head either higher or lower than the rest of him. Sometimes, though, he just seems to melt into the cushions.




slow and steady

February 24, 2018 Leave a comment

Tol Tol and Oswin have been with us now three years. I’m still amazed how well they get along together, and got along together even from the start — while each still having in his and her own challenge with outsiders.


threeyears2 threeyears3

Tol Tol adores Nancy, and with her he’s a (big!) bouncy happy puppy, which is great to see. He tolerates me, and his love of food and treats overcomes his anxiety. Late evening walk times are the best — the neighborhood is very quiet so he’s at his most relaxed, and will actually let me touch him to put his harness and lead on for the walk. After the walk, he’ll even let me pet him a little, which at any other time would make him bolt across the room.



Tol Tol: “What are you looking at me for? I’m just trying to decide which toy to chew on today.”


Overall, we have two very happy dogs, who love their quiet home. Oswin in particular is happiest when our whole pack of four is all together in the same room. She is still reactive to other dogs, but after lots of practice we can do daytime dog walks anyway, and we can play games to keep her attention away from other dogs. At first she’d react strongly to other dogs blocks away, and she was constantly on alert. But now she mostly just wants to sniff everything, and can tolerate other dogs sometimes even if they’re just across the street.




two goodbyes and two hellos

January 18, 2015 Leave a comment

On September 18, after a sudden but thankfully short illness, we had to say goodbye to Hank. And a week later, on the 26th it was clear that Maggie was ready to move on too. It was especially sweet how over their last months they became again as cuddly and snuggly with each other as they had been right at the start.



In early October, as a memorial we planted three new aspen trees in the back yard (the third one for Willow).


On November 19, visiting the Family Dogs New Life rescue shelter, we found our new shy boy Tol Tol, an 18 month old 65 pound lab / husky mix. Here’s how the shelter’s website had him describe himself:

20150103cYou don’t want just a slice of love, right? You want “Tol Tol” love! A love so complete that you can’t understand how you ever existed without it! That is what I bring to the table. It will take a bit for it to be discovered, but it is there. Like a diamond in the ruff! Sorry, dog pun. But I am “Tol Tol-ly” serious when I say I can be fearful when meeting new people. I am young, but I wasn’t brought up in the loving, supportive environment doggies deserve. I would do better in a home with people who can be slow and gentle with sensitive souls like me. Cats I can handle, but they still weird me out. I mean, have you ever looked at a cat? They’re creepy, man! I love to have a place all my own and all for me! A place where I can unwind when things get “Tol Tol-ly” overwhelming. Like a puzzle, I may be slow to put together piece by piece, but once you see the “Tol Tol” picture I think you will fall in love.

As you’d expect, knowing Nancy and me, fall in love we did :-).


By January, as Tol Tol got more comfortable around us, we knew we wanted to get him a playfriend. We found the perfect match at Family Dogs New Life on the 10th, in Oswin, a lab mix 2 year old 50 pound bouncy girl.

20150115e I have had a lot more Os-loss than Os-win, it sure seems like. I know I can be a little difficult at times. I get excited and like to play a lot. I can’t live with cats, and I need a home with sturdy older children. But for all of my character “flaws,” there are a thousand shining examples why I would be the best ever dog for someone like you! I am the life of the party and things will never be dull when I’m around. I get along great with all the other dogs here, and have a blast in my playgroup. And there are 996 other things you will discover together with me! I just want that one person out there to give me a real shot. I have been bounced around growing up—no one has yet made a commitment to me. I have so much love and fun and life to share with someone, it is bursting from my seams! I know that if someone devoted their time and heart to me, I would make them the happiest ever! You might think it’s a gamble, but I would say it’s a sure Oswin.

Tol Tol and Oswin bonded right away and are great for each other — he’s much braver with her around, and his quietness calms her down (most of the time :-).


where the magic happens

August 31, 2014 Leave a comment

This is Labor Day weekend, so I thought I’d show you all where I labor. This is actually my new stand-up desk that Nancy and I designed and constructed recently. For the last few years, I’ve been using a jury-rigged stand-up desk I made from plastic tubs and bottom-side-up wicker baskets. It’s been working well enough I decided to make it permanent.

20140830a desk

The new desk is made from a pair of reclaimed vintage windows that Nancy found at Hippo Hardware, Portland’s go-to wonderland for salvaged everything for the house, and from 1″ plumbing pipes from A-Boy Supply, our friendly local hardware store.

20140830b desk

The lower level is made with the horizontal pipes cut so that the window frame can sit firmly and be supported along its full length, while the upper level is designed to “float” while securely holding the laptop and secondary monitor.  Everything is set to the best ergonomic range, and it even worked out that I have a side pipe perfect to be a “caddie” for my work telephone headset.

20140830c desk

My previous desk was back in the narrow back room that’s been my office for the last 8 years, but the new desk fits into the main room so I can be around Maggie and Hank during the day. That way I can be in work conference calls while petting the puppies, which is especially nice given their reduced mobility these days while my work schedule this year has been so full. Having the guitar within close reach is cool too :-).

20140830d desk

Happy Labor Day to all, however or wherever you labor!

summertime is naptime

July 5, 2014 Leave a comment

When the puppies were younger they’d usually get three walks a day and take one nap; now that they’re 14 it’s more like three naps a day and one walk. If my work schedule allowed, I’d probably be following their example!

20140705 naptime