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slow and steady

February 24, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tol Tol and Oswin have been with us now three years. I’m still amazed how well they get along together, and got along together even from the start — while each still having in his and her own challenge with outsiders.


threeyears2 threeyears3

Tol Tol adores Nancy, and with her he’s a (big!) bouncy happy puppy, which is great to see. He tolerates me, and his love of food and treats overcomes his anxiety. Late evening walk times are the best — the neighborhood is very quiet so he’s at his most relaxed, and will actually let me touch him to put his harness and lead on for the walk. After the walk, he’ll even let me pet him a little, which at any other time would make him bolt across the room.



Tol Tol: “What are you looking at me for? I’m just trying to decide which toy to chew on today.”


Overall, we have two very happy dogs, who love their quiet home. Oswin in particular is happiest when our whole pack of four is all together in the same room. She is still reactive to other dogs, but after lots of practice we can do daytime dog walks anyway, and we can play games to keep her attention away from other dogs. At first she’d react strongly to other dogs blocks away, and she was constantly on alert. But now she mostly just wants to sniff everything, and can tolerate other dogs sometimes even if they’re just across the street.




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