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where the magic happens

This is Labor Day weekend, so I thought I’d show you all where I labor. This is actually my new stand-up desk that Nancy and I designed and constructed recently. For the last few years, I’ve been using a jury-rigged stand-up desk I made from plastic tubs and bottom-side-up wicker baskets. It’s been working well enough I decided to make it permanent.

20140830a desk

The new desk is made from a pair of reclaimed vintage windows that Nancy found at Hippo Hardware, Portland’s go-to wonderland for salvaged everything for the house, and from 1″ plumbing pipes from A-Boy Supply, our friendly local hardware store.

20140830b desk

The lower level is made with the horizontal pipes cut so that the window frame can sit firmly and be supported along its full length, while the upper level is designed to “float” while securely holding the laptop and secondary monitor.  Everything is set to the best ergonomic range, and it even worked out that I have a side pipe perfect to be a “caddie” for my work telephone headset.

20140830c desk

My previous desk was back in the narrow back room that’s been my office for the last 8 years, but the new desk fits into the main room so I can be around Maggie and Hank during the day. That way I can be in work conference calls while petting the puppies, which is especially nice given their reduced mobility these days while my work schedule this year has been so full. Having the guitar within close reach is cool too :-).

20140830d desk

Happy Labor Day to all, however or wherever you labor!

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