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boring ohio? not so much!

In July I spent a couple of weeks in Columbus Ohio, doing some training with coworkers in a new team there. I figured it’s Ohio, right? It’ll be boring and flat, with nothing to do unless you want to drive everywhere. Turns out, though, not so much!

20140717a layover

I discovered that the area where I was working was actually very walkable, with plenty of interesting things to find. For example, Hayden Run Falls is hidden just a few yards from a busy six-lane road on one side and a suburban neighborhood on the other.

20140717b hidden waterfall

On the weekend, I took a handy bus to downtown Columbus and visited the art museum and riverfront park.

20140717c art

And then one day, strangest of all, smack dab in the middle of the area of office parks and corporate buildings I was working in, I came across this “field” of ten foot tall concrete ears of corn. According to the helpful plaque, corn has been cultivated in Ohio for 1800 years, and the site itself was an actively farmed cornfield up to 1963. Now it’s part of Sam and Eulalia Frantz Park (named for the last farm’s owners).

20140717d corn

In the interest of full disclosure, that day I also discovered the downside of walking when you believe the forecast that thunderstorms won’t arrive for another hour . . . To quote Dr. Seuss:

You never yet met a pet I bet
as wet as they let this wet pet get

20140717e omen

So Ohio turned out not to be boring at all. Still, it was nice to get back home to Portland, where things are nice and calm, and not the least bit weird :-)

20140717f home

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