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if i had a dollar…

If I had a dollar for every time my boss called me and said “Drop everything and catch the next flight to Singapore!” I’d have, well, a dollar. And also, these pictures :-).

Downtown Singapore skyline at night


Daytime skyline


The historic Singapore Cricket Club, with a game in progress. (That big thing in the background is the Marina Bay Sands casino.)


Walking along the riverfront. That’s my hotel in the background left.



Old and new Singapore live side-by-side


Local street art (commissioned, not graffiti)


In the national art museum, this is a new work, not old. Can you find the proof?  :-)


Dinnertime in Chinatown


Yes, you can find “American” food here, including imported Iowa corn-fed beef. Besides food, Singapore is very visitor friendly — almost all signs are in English, and almost everyone speaks it too.


But I mostly tried dining where the locals go. Lots of really great Asian food stalls and hawkers, very inexpensive.


Unfortunately this trip was 80% of the time in an office building with no windows, but Singapore is definitely a place I’d like to come to on a real vacation someday.  I just got back from 2 weeks there, and it looks like I’ll be heading back for another two weeks soon. But no reason to complain, and hopefully we’ll have a happy customer soon so I can come home to stay :-).

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