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road trip

The dogs are going to be 13 in May, and they’ve really started showing their age in the last year. So for our big vacation this year, Nancy and I decided to take them on a tour of the Oregon coast, to combine two of their favorite things, car rides and the beach, every day for a week :-).

We have a ramp for the car, which they much prefer to being lifted into and out of the back, and they get tired out much more quickly — no more jumping or running — but their tails still start wagging whenever they get to climb up for a car ride.


For the first few days, we stayed at a pet-friendly B&B near Cannon Beach, just a short walk from the beach. Maggie especially loves the ocean, which she made very clear by the way she led at the end of her leash all the way until she could wet her feet in the waves, and by her big big smile.


A few days later, we drove further down the coast to another pet-friendly B&B in Depoe Bay. It wasn’t quite as convenient to the beach, so we had to drive the pups to get to the water, but it was just another reason for a fun car ride as far as they were concerned.



Here’s something you don’t see every day: beach biking. It is an interesting fact about Oregon that the entire coastline from California to Washington has been legally considered a public highway ever since 1911, with the public having the right to “free and uninterrupted use of the beaches”. I guess this guy is just exercising his rights :-).


Hank and Maggie aren’t up any more for the kind of long or strenuous walks they used to love when they were younger, so after each day’s beach walk we’d find a nice shady spot to park so they could take a well-earned nap. While they snoozed, Nancy and I could check out more of the amazing scenery. Our southernmost point on this trip was Cape Perpetua, which had a trail that led down to the Devil’s Churn, a wave-carved cave whose ceiling has collapsed, leading at high tides (we’re told) to waves throwing spray hundreds of feet in the air. Luckily, we were there at low tide, so we could get a close up view safely.




The trip wasn’t all beaches. We also stopped for a few forest hikes too, which were very welcome on the warmer sunnier days. Munson Creek Falls was a short 1/2 mile walk and pretty level, which was about as far as the dogs wanted to go. I don’t think they were particularly impressed by the waterfall, but Nancy and I thought it was lovely.



April was the perfect time for the trip. It was far enough into the year that the days weren’t winter-short and the weather was great, but the beaches didn’t have the summer crowds that will be coming soon. That’s my kind of vacation!

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