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call me mister green jeans

What a difference a few weeks of rain and sun make! We planted our tiny garden back in February, checked in on it a few weeks ago, but lately it’s really taken off. Yesterday, Nancy clipped the top off the tall kale just before it flowered, to add some “kale raab” to accent our soup for dinner, and we’ve been able to start clipping arugula and baby kale leaves for salads.

I’m curious to see if this small garden will grow fast enough to provide salad greens for the two of us all summer. At this point, it’s almost no work, with the greens growing thick enough to crowd out weeds and fast enough to keep ahead of the slugs and bugs.


20130217garden 20130312garden

  1. Elisha
    April 9, 2013 at 10:51 am

    I’m curious too! A bigger problem might be the onset of warm weather, if/when things start to bolt. Maybe you will replace some of your greens with warmer-weather vegetables? Or maybe your lettuces will stay happy in the cool Portland summer. :)

    — Thanks for the comment! We’re thinking of this year as our “trial period”, and just see how everything goes on its own over the year (SCIENCE). Maybe next year we’ll expand the garden, though I’m still awfully fond of our weekly farmers market trips :-).

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