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better late than never 4: signs of NZ

As big international vacation trips go, New Zealand is a good place to start. People are very friendly, and speak English with a charming accent. Driving on the left-hand side of the road can be a challenge, true, but at least the road signs are familiar, or at least similar enough (instead of “Yield”, theirs say “Give way” which seems a smidge … gentler maybe :-).


On the other hand, a few signs were not quite so friendly:


And some were just downright puzzling! (Turns out, they’re New Zealand-ish for rutabaga. I wonder what Scandinavians call their rutabagas???)


You gotta like when the signs have a little sense of humor:


Who knew that NZ had dangerous packs of wild frisbees? I’m glad most of our American ones have been domesticated!


I love this sign, in a tiny village near a crossroads up in the Southern Alps.


Another sign in that same village. We were told that during the Cold War, the US Air Force accidentally dropped an H-bomb on the town. They came and got it back of course :-), but gave the town a dummy one to keep as a souvenir!


I don’t know who this dangerous character is, but I hope he high-tailed it out of town!


Want to know what a “kea” is and why you shouldn’t feed it? Stay tuned for our next exciting blog post ;-)


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