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Saturday morning, we went to the ribbon-cutting ceremony for a trail-improvement project along the Oaks Bottom wildlife refuge. There were a few speeches, from the mayor, parks director, etc, and then the official ribbon-cutting, done by local kids.


It was a pretty well-attended ceremony, with I’d guess at least 50 people there. There were tents with kids activities, and information about the history of Oaks Bottom and the people who made the park and trails possible, by preventing it from being completely developed and instead preserving it as a marshland and bird preserve close to downtown Portland. (One local group, the Friends of Oaks Bottom, informally call themselves the “Bottom Watchers” :-).

The Audubon Society was there, with a Peregrine Falcon and a Great Horned Owl to visit up-close.

20130309b_falcon 20130309c_owl

There also happened to be a Red-tailed Hawk up in a nearby tree. At one point, it actually swooped down and caught some little critter for lunch! Here’s Nancy watching it sun itself, maybe as a post-lunch nap.


Nancy and I headed up the newly-restored and improved trail. The ducks, songbirds, and Great Blue Herons were all enjoying the sunny day, and didn’t seem to mind us walking by.



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