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October 23, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

On a business trip to a computer conference, I landed in Las Vegas at 9am, but did not have any events until late afternoon. From my window seat on the approach for landing, I could actually see the hotel where I’d be staying, so I decided to make an adventure out of it — skip the taxi and just walk. Turns out it _is_ possible (barely). I truly don’t think it occurred to the airport designers that someone might actually want to leave it on foot. But I persevered, like a 19th century explorer in search of the Northwest Passage, and eventually found a back sidewalk that looked like it may have never been used before.

A computer conference is a noisy thing on its own. Las Vegas is a noisy noisy place. But a computer conference in Las Vegas? Noisy squared. Fortunately for my sanity, on the second day I found a little side room that had been set up for a some kind of meeting that must have been canceled or relocated. It was so quiet I could hear myself think again :-). Every day, I kept expecting someone else to find it, or to have hotel staff come in and tell me I had to leave, but no-one ever did. It was  my own little secret oasis for the whole week!

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