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rose parade

Portland is known as “The Rose City”, and the highlight of the annual Rose Festival every June is the big Rose Parade. Our friends Elisha and Mark came up from Salem to see it with us, and we started by dropping by Voodoo Donuts for some yummies. (Click on the picture to see the fun details in the store’s logo.)

Like most parades, there were bands . . .

. . . (some more unusual than others, for example the “One More Time Around” Marching Band) . . .

. . . and of course, floats. Every float is made of flowers and other plants.

The Rose Parade also includes a lot of horses, reminding us that we live in a state with many western-style rodeos. There was even a band on horseback!

Now, where there are horses there is horse poop, so every group of horses was followed by a small cleanup team. Check out the Princess and the Poop, the Star Wars Pooper Scooper Squad (“May the Horse pee with you”) . . .

. . . the Royal Flush (“Capture the Spirit”), the Vintage Scat Slingers . . .

. . . and the superhero-themed Sooper Dooper Pooper Scoopers (“Woosh!”, “Ka Plop!”, “Holy Pile of Poop on the ground, Batman!”)

The parade also included clowns . . .

. . . and (being Portland) some other oddities, including a Jimmi Hendrix impersonator roaming the crowd, who posed with Mark and with Elisha.

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