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snowshoeing on mount hood

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Our Seattle friends Brian and Mary are very active outdoorsy people, and we’d been talking with them now and then about snowshoeing. Nancy and I finally decided to go try it and when we mentioned it to them in email, by pure coincidence Tom and Chan were visiting them in Seattle, and they all jumped at the chance to come down and join us!.  And as a special bonus, we corralled Jen to come with us too :-). So we drove up to Timberline Lodge, rented our snow shoes, and headed out on the trails.

Nancy, Mary, and Brian:

Looking up to the summit of Mount Hood:

Mary, Nancy, Brian, and Tom:

I definitely like snowshoeing better than skiiing. As Jen put it so well: “It’s just like skiing but without the fear!” :-)

Taking a rest break. Tom, Chan, Jen, and Nancy:

Brian found his own way to rest, and look out at Mount Jefferson to the south:

A close-up of Nancy’s show shoes:

Mary, Nancy, Chan, Jen, and Tom:

Nancy and Chan:

And the best part is, once you’ve hiked downhill the whole trail, you can just ride the ski lift back up to the lodge! I’m thinking we’ll be doing more snowshoeing next winter :-).

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