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pomp and circumstance and pomp

It’s been a busy spring for getting back to the midwest for family events. Most recently, we flew to Missouri for Nancy’s niece Shelby’s graduation.


20090517b 20090517c

After the ceremony and big dinner, Shelby went off for the seniors’ overnight event at the school. Grandma Neva, proud papa Robert, Nancy, I, plus Aaron and his girlfriend Amanda settled into the hotel’s lounge for a friendly poker game. Amanda turned out to be a pretty cool card sharp, so it’s a good thing we weren’t playing for money or Nancy and I might not have been able to get back home! :-)


Last month Nancy and I flew back to Iowa for my family’s big event. My family sure do love a party, so this was a combination 50th anniversary for my folks, pre-graduation celebration for niece Margie, and birthday party for niece Hannah! As you can see, we were all on our best behavior :-)


A quick look through the wayback machine at Ma ‘n’ Pa:


  1. John
    July 16, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    Missouri? hey I live there right? ha.

    — Hi John! Sorry we didn’t have a chance to come visit.

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