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Haiku-O-Matic week 1

October 11, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s the end of week 1 of the Haiku-O-Matic wordgame, and I’d like to share with you some of the Haiku-O-Matic haiku created by others who have done the wordgame so far:

from “noxy”

A snowflake descends —
Lost in snow below

So true, but is it sad, or is it a happy homecoming? Imagine the person standing in the snow, or perhaps looking out through a window, who sees the drifting snowflakes and has this thought.

from “SpyderWoman”

summer eve in a lea —
meandering streams whisper greetings
as I pause to drink

I like this haiku a lot. She captured not just a moment in a lovely spot, but she also implied that this moment is part of a larger story of a journey or a maybe just a weekend hike.

from “ynaga”

Autumn is walking along a beach
under a sunny but cool sky —
Where is that seagull going to?

This a fun haiku, and it almost winks at us :-) But keep thinking about it, and you’ll see that there is plenty of depth to repay additional contemplation. He also sent his Haiku-O-Matic building blocks:
season: autumn
place: beach
actor/subject: seagull
qualities: sunny, cool
action: walking
format 2: L1 L2 — L3

from “SunnyMusic”

Spring air stills in expectation
trembling cocoon breaks silken bonds
a new life a new season

What a lovely poem. The season itself holds its breath in loving anticipation. Perfect for spring, and a great way to keep spirits up with the long winter coming soon :-).

from “Amzel”

dusk on a hilltop
wild bird drifting —
I wait in tranquility’s arms

from “VeritasIncognito”

Spring mountains of clouds —
Amzel and Veritas see misty swirls
smoke streaming away.

Amzel and Veritas wrote their Haiku-O-Matic haiku together – how romantic!

Update (November 2, 2008) read the Haiku-O-Matic haiku created during the other weeks: week 2 | week 3 | week 4

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