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street of dreams

Our friends Amber and Bo invited us to this year’s “Street of Dreams” event, a walking tour open house for some of Portland’s high-end multi-million dollar mansions. Each year’s event is in a different neighborhood, and this year’s open houses were up at the top of Mount Scott.

It’s incredibly fascinating to walk through these houses, and imagine what it would actually be like to live in them, and imagine the sort of people for whom they would feel naturally “at home”. The style varied very widely, with some feeling to me pretentious, ostentatious, and basically silly, but others feeling very comfortable and well-designed for actual living if you’re the sort who has Spielberg and movie execs over for the weekend to discuss upcoming projects, or who throws gala charity receptions for the Opera or the Gates foundation (and I don’t mean that in a snarky way).

The biggest drawback of this neighborhood (gorgeous as the houses and views are) is that it is so isolated. Built on steep slopes, the houses don’t have anything you could truly call a yard, and you couldn’t take your dog for a good walk. You really would have to drive everywhere. I think that’s part of why the houses have to be so big, with multiple family rooms and media rooms and billiards rooms, etc — you would end up basically living your life entirely within the house. LOL but maybe that’s just the farm boy in me talking: house size, views and all I’d end up feeling claustrophobic if I couldn’t walk out the door of my house and go for a long wandering stroll :-).

I think my single favorite feature of the day was this cool art piece:

Of course these aren’t the sort of houses we’d ever actually want to live in, even if that were an option. Nancy and I much prefer our own little neighborhood because it’s so great to stroll around with the puppies and walk to all the local eateries, etc. But we did get some interesting ideas for room layout, decoration, etc that can be useful for our own renovation plans. Thanks Bo and Amber for a fun day!

  1. September 19, 2008 at 10:41 am

    wonderful photos! what a great tour! thanks for sharing!

    one of my sunflowers lost his head which reminded me of an ARTLIFE poem and page i did years ago and so i scanned the beheaded flower will be posting it and the haiku thingy later today…

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