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lost and found: brown penny

Lately we’ve had a frequent guest at our backdoor – a stray cat. She has no collar but she’s very friendly. We can’t tell if she’s someone’s indoor cat that got out, or someone’s outdoor cat just wandering around. She seems quite healthy, and likes to spend her afternoons lounging on our back deck on an old sisal doormat. Twice a day she meows at us loudly, commanding us to bring her food which we do :-).

Even though she seems to have adopted us, for now we put a collar on her that says “Please call” with our number, so if she’s really someone else’s cat and they find her again they can call us and let us know. And we’re also on the lookout for “Lost kitty” signs around the neighborhood. We’re considering calling her “Brown Penny”, after the poem by Yeats:

Brown Penny, by William Butler Yeats (1910)

I whispered, ‘I am too young,’
And then, ‘I am old enough’;
Wherefore I threw a penny
To find out if I might love.
‘Go and love, go and love, young man,
If the lady be young and fair.’
Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny,
I am looped in the loops of her hair.

O love is the crooked thing,
There is nobody wise enough
To find out all that is in it,
For he would be thinking of love
Till the stars had run away
And the shadows eaten the moon.
Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny,
One cannot begin it too soon.


June 3 update: Penny stopped coming around, and a few days later her owner gave us a call. Sure enough, Penny had gotten away but eventually made her way home. Her owner was very happy that Penny had been well taken care of while on her “vacation” :-). We’ll miss her, but we’re glad she’s home again.

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