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break a leg

Saturday afternoon, Nancy and I joined Tylor, Jen, and Jen’s cousin Matt for a drive over to the coast to see Tylor star in the Coaster Theater production of “Break a Leg”. It’s a meta-comedy, one of my favorite kinds of play, about a theatrical producer whose plays are always panned by a judgmental critic (played by Tylor). The producer, playwright, and actors plot revenge on the critic, and hilarity ensues :-). In the end, all ends well, or well enough anyway, and he even gets the girl.

The play is very witty and tongue-in-cheek — for example, the playwright is a pompous “arteest” who comes up with such lines as “I have always depended on the kindliness of people I don’t know”, and “We have nothing to fear but actually being afraid” :-). And the producer’s right hand man is named “Freitag” (Friday) as in Robinson Crusoe LOL. How interesting then that Ira Levin, the real writer, is also well known for “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Boys from Brazil” – that’s quite a range!

I hardly dare make any commentary about a play which centers around revenge on a critic :-) but I you can probably tell that I really liked it. Tylor was great, and it was interesting how he evoked sympathy for what is after all the “villain” role. This is really brought out in the relationship with the leading lady, where we see that the critic is just like the rest of us – irresistibly curious about what others think of us, scared and yet hopeful for favorable reviews.

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