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poem: winter into spring

20080319.jpg plum blossoms

surprise late snowfall?
ahah! it’s the plum blossoms
falling already

March 19: The white or pale pink blossoms of the plum tree are frequently used in Japanese haiku, as signs of the end of winter and first beginning of spring. Walking around our neighborhood, the falling and fallen petals can easily be momentarily confused for a late-winter snow shower. This happened to me today, and I laughed when I recognized my mistake.

Update (March 28) OK, the universe is playing games with me today. Looking out the window this morning, I think I see more falling, fluttering tree-blossom petals, then I double-take when I realize it is actually snowing! LOL It’s only for an hour or so before it warms up enough to become the usual Portland spring rain. :-)

plum blossoms falling?
such delightful irony:
surprise late snowfall!

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