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Butchart Gardens

20070719_07.jpg entrance

Over 100 years old, 55 acres, containing a Japanese garden, Rose garden, Sunken garden, Italian garden, and Bog garden, for a garden lover like Nancy’s cousin Lisa the Butchart Gardens are heaven on earth!

What most amazed me is that the gardeners work year-round keeping seasonal varieties current, so it would be a new garden on every visit no matter when you come. Dinner in the 100 year old main house’s restaurant was pretty good too :-).

20070719_08.jpg it’s big

20070719_09.jpg it’s real big

20070719_10.jpg nancy

20070719_11.jpg ready for my closeup

20070719_12.jpg closeup

20070719_13.jpg closeup with bee

20070719_14.jpg lisa and nancy

20070719_15.jpg pretty

20070719_16.jpg totem pole

20070719_17.jpg pretty

20070719_18.jpg a little damp

20070719_19.jpg pretty

20070719_20.jpg shades of green

20070719_21.jpg reflections

One day was definitely too short a visit, but our feet were way tired and the ferry schedule was calling us back to Seattle.

20070719_22.jpg nancy, lisa, and dave

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