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fruit loop

20070716_01.jpg nancy

Continuing our tour of Portland-area attractions the next day, Nancy and I set off on with Dave and Lisa on the “Fruit Loop”, a drive around Mount Hood that passes through a rich agricultural area whose many orchards give the route its name.

The first leg of the drive passes north of the mountain through the Columbia River Gorge, where melting snows feed the many waterfalls.

20070716_03.jpg multnomah falls

20070716_05.jpg dave and lisa

In the summer, many of the orchards sell fruit right off the trees and vines. Driving south along the eastern slopes of Mount Hood, we stopped in at an old farm house to stretch our legs and pick up some fresh fruit before the last leg that I knew would take us high up on the southern face of the mountain.

20070716_06.jpg white house

Trivia fact: Timberline Lodge, located (surprise!) at the timber line on the south face of Mount Hood, was used as the exterior of the Overlook Hotel in the movie The Shining.

20070716_07.jpg timberline lodge

20070716_08.jpg nice knockers!

20070716_09.jpg nice mountain . . . big!

20070716_10.jpg pacific crest trail

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