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first person

October 13, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

This poem-story, “first person”, was my contribution to a Halloween campfire stories contest, done in h’ku style.

harvest moon
forest road

drone of tires
static hiss

head nods
squealing brakes

time stops, then
slowly restarts

stumbling steps
crunch of gravel


crunch of gravel
almost echoes

leaves rustle in
the looming trees

gathering storm
smell of rain

sudden flash
four mississippi

glancing back
footsteps hasten

moon overwhelmed
darkness rises

sudden flash
two mississippi

through the trees
a point of light?

forcing a path
soaking mist

fleeting glimpses
getting closer

heavy rumbles
continuous now

loose rocks

blurred tumble

silent scream
world contracts

shivering pain
cold dark wet

cabin light
close, too far

panting breath
clenched teeth

head bowed, cold
dark thoughts

white flash


. . .

comforting warm
world expands

fallen pine near
still smoldering

pale light
setting moon

searching voices
concerned tones

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