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October 11, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

disjoint brief
linked images:

rough texture
oak bark pressure

summer blue and
autumn gray

floating drifting
heavy deep pauses

In the old days, the haiku masters would sit down for the evening and write a long series of haiku poems, each one linked thematically in some way to the one before in a poetic “conversation”.

Here I’m trying something a little like that, but even more terse, with a series of distinct but very brief sensory fragments suggesting and evoking the full experience of a moment; something I call “h’ku” (for people who think that haiku are too wordy :-). It says in 15 words what I might otherwise have written in 50:

i’m leaning against the oak tree by our house,
feeling the coarse bark against my back
one day it’s high summer,
but the next it seems it’s already autumn
with the clouds hinting at the winter to come
i close my eyes and let my mind wander like the clouds

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