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new house!

January 19, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today we closed on our new house! We started house hunting in November, as soon as the sale of our townhouse in California closed. We saw lots of great rowhouses and townhouses all over the Portland area, until we finally found this little 1908 cottage in the weekend right before Christmas. What a great present to ourselves, eh? :-)

Here’s the view just inside the front door looking toward the double doors to the kitchen. You can also see the stairway up to the finished attic bedroom.

The view below is taken from where Nancy was in the previous picture, looking back north toward the front of the house. Note the lighting pillar in the corner — there are two on opposite sides of the room, and the fixtures are original Portland downtown city streetlights. These days, the city uses plastic look-alikes for durability, and the house’s previous owner was an antiques dealer who was able to get these great pieces for the house. :-)

Most of the house is very well restored to the 1908 style, but the kitchen is totally modern. The counters are butcher block all around, salvaged from the kitchens of the nearby university. Also note the center island, an imported French solid wood butcher block, weighing 1000 pounds! There are special foundation supports just for this table.

The bathroom has more great touches, including an antique marble-top dresser reworked to be the vanity, including the addition of a copper washbasin. And Nancy knew it was her dream house when she saw the old clawfoot tub! We had seen many other older houses during our search, but they almost always needed a lot of fix ups. What we loved about this house was the work the owner had already done to really restore the house and make it special, doing things that we would never have thought of to do ourselves.

Our neighborhood is wonderful too, very quiet with friendly people, and lots of side streets for strolls with the dogs. Just across the street is a school’s park, part of which is even an offlead dog play area! And within just a few short blocks are just about every kind of restaurant you could want: French country, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, a neighborhood pub, a grill-pub with live music, a couple of coffee shops, and a fish fry place. We’re even within walking distance of the neighborhood pet supplies and “gourmet/natural” grocery stores.

Still, we do have some work ahead of us. We want to restore or replace the living room floor, repaint the wainscotting (the burgundy is just a bit too much :-), and get new furniture, especially a sleeper sofa so we’ll be ready for guests!


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