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happy holidays 2003

Nancy and I had a very busy social schedule on our trip back to the mid-west for Christmas 2003. First up was a piano recital starring my nephew Jake, who played very well and wore a special yellow tie and his best dress cowboy boots.

xmas01 xmas02

Next up was Jasmine’s Christmas Eve birthday party at Dave and Lisa’s house. Jasmine got lots of presents, and Ian didn’t seem to mind because he was having too much fun playing with the balloons. :-)

xmas03 xmas06

xmas04 xmas07

xmas05 xmas08



We stayed overnight with Chris and Rie, so we had fun helping Jasmine and Ian open their Christmas presents. Then it was over to Grandma Ruth’s for even more presents!






Then Nancy and I headed out to Ma and Pa’s place for my family’s big Christmas “to-do”. There was the usual free-for-all of nephews and nieces tearing open their presents (very politely of course :-) Somehow Paul ended up getting the biggest box. Finally all the kids’ presents were open and the game playing began.





We also got to meet Emily, Beth and Russ’ newest. What a cutie!


Of course, some of the presents required a little assembly. Josh is doing OK, but it looks like Don may need to up the prescription in his glasses a bit! :-)


One of the kids, I’m not sure who, got a little air-hockey game as a present. But first Tom and Russ had to give it a try “to make sure it was working OK” :-) After Russ won, Chan stepped in to continue the beta testing. Chan beat Russ, so Beth took a go. After that game, the system was determined to be functioning satisfactorily, so it was finally turned over to the kids to actually play with! :-)





One of Jake’s cool presents was a neato disguise kit. I never saw him playing with it, but at one point in the evening there was this strange short man with a black mustache hanging around Tom that I didn’t know, and then another stranger showed up who kinda resembled Terry except for the mustache and the two of them talked with Chan for a while. They must have been some of Tom and Chan’s strange friends from the nuclear reactor site in Washington State :-)



The next day we went back to Dave and Lisa’s for more presents with Nancy’s folks down from Des Moines. Ian had a good time playing with Dave and Lisa’s new kitty, Felix.




Once we got back to California, we had our own holiday get-together with Mark and Deb and Gabe, Chris and Jenn and Sirius, and Susie. I think everyone was a bit tuckered out from the holidays, since our most exciting activities were knitting and napping :-) Basically a good (but restful) time was had by all!





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