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more summer fun

OK, what else did we do this summer? Well, one time Chris and Jenn came down and joined Mark, Deb, Gabe, Nancy, and me at our favorite Japanese restaurant, where the chef makes everything on a grill right in front of you, doing all kinds of fancy moves. He even made a little “volcano”, pouring a little soy sauce inside a pyramid of onion slices.



Another time, Nancy and I took Hank and Maggie overnight camping with Mark, Deb, and Gabe.






Now this wasn’t just your ordinary camping trip – oh no! August 27, 2003 marked the closest approach of Mars to the Earth in a very long time, so Mark and I both brought our telescopes and stayed up late stargazing and Mars-gazing. Neither of us has our telescopes set up to take pictures, but here’s a picture from skyandtelescope.com that’s pretty close to what it looked like to us.


For comparison, here’s a much better picture taken from the Hubble space telescope.


Did I mention that the telescope was my Christmas gift from Nancy last Christmas? Fun fun fun, thanks Nancy!

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