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coe park in 3-d

Several times over the summer I took the drive up into the hills to go hiking in Coe Park. Once you get away from the visitor center area, it feels like you have the whole place to yourself.

coe1 coe2 coe3

On one hike, I came across a boulder that had a small tree growing in a crevice.


Then later that day I saw another tree, showing what that first boulder probably has in store in maybe 50 years!


Hiking on one of the ridge-tops, I was thinking it was too bad that photos don’t easily capture the depth of the high hills and deep canyons of Coe Park. Then it occurred to me to take one picture then step about ten feet to one side and take another, basically trying to make the same kind of paired photos used in the Viewmaster slides I had as a kid.

Try it! If you look in between the top pair of left and right photos below, then cross your eyes until you get the ridgetops to match overlapping, suddenly the foreground trees should “snap” into place and be clearly closer than valley behind. You can do the same thing with the bottom pair of photos, showing a 3D view from a valley floor. Give yourself a little time to “find” it, but once you’ve done it successfully you’ll probably be able to do it again easily any time you like.

coe6l coe6r

coe7l coe7r

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