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tucson thanksgiving

December 1, 2002 Leave a comment Go to comments

For Thanksgiving this year, Nancy and I took the dogs on their longest road-trip yet, to Tucson to visit Val, Marc, and Sylvia. You may remember that Val and Marc came up to visit us two years ago, when Hank and Maggie were very little.

Chris, Rie, Jasmine, and Ian were visiting also, along with Rie’s parents who had come all the way from Japan. Jasmine still remembered Hank and Maggie.




Val and Sylvia

az04 az05

One day, Val and Marc drove us up to a park on a low volcanic peak just west of town. Hank and Maggie enjoyed hiking through the desert, and were smart enough to leave the cactuses alone :-)

az06 az07

Another day, they took us up Mount Lemmon, the highest peak in the area (about 8000 feet). As we drove up we passed through eight different climate zones, from Sonoran desert at the foot of the mountain to wet pine forest at the top. According to the informational displays, the top of Mount Lemmon has the same climate as southern Canada!





At the top, we went for a short hike along a trail in the forest. It was really amazing to think of this wet forest in the middle of the desert in Arizona.


Hank and Maggie got along very well on the long road-trip. Just like at home, they would spend most of the day napping, and once we got to Tucson there was a park close to Val and Marc’s house where they could run and play. They were on their best behavior, and made it pretty clear that we could bring them back to visit Val and Marc any time! :-)




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