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February 2, 2002 Leave a comment Go to comments

Saturday, Nancy’s coworker Ann joined Nancy and me in a drive up to San Francisco for the Golden Gate Kennel Club’s dog show. We brought Hank and Maggie with us, but when we got to the Cow Palace convention center (yes, that’s really what it’s called!) we were told that the only dogs allowed in were those being exhibited. Fortunately it was a cool day and we had a good shady parking spot, so Hank and Maggie just stayed in the RAV4 and took their usual daily nap :-)


Nancy and Ann were in Golden Retriever heaven!



Watching the judging was very interesting. First the judge has all the dogs stand in a line and he or she goes down the line checking each dog out. Then the dogs jog around in a circle so the judge can see how they move. In this kind of “conformation” event, the winner is the dog who most closely matches (or conforms to) the standard for that breed. For example, note how almost all of the Golden Retrievers pictured here are basically the same color and shape. Darker and lighter Goldens exist, but they don’t win conformation competitions.



While Nancy and Ann spent most of the time watching the Goldens, I wandered around looking at some of the other breeds being judged, which ranged from large Huskies to tiny little toy dogs that were so small that their showers had to lift them up onto a table for the judging. :-) Initially I was surprised that there was so little barking, but since the Golden Gate Kennel Club is one of the top tier national dog shows, most of the dogs were probably veterans of many shows. It also doesn’t hurt that each dog’s handler usually has a pocket full of treats to keep their dog’s attention!



After the show, we headed for a beach on the Pacific side of San Francisco, just south of the Golden Gate bridge, where dogs are allowed to run off-leash. Hank and Maggie ran and ran and ran, chasing sticks and birds and each other, and then slept the whole drive home :-)



Maggie loves her Auntie Ann!


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