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snow day, kansas style

January 31, 2002 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here’s an email and some pictures sent by Randy Wing. (By the way, these aren’t black and white pictures!)




“Whew! We had one of the worst ice storms on record.

After over 50 hours of freezing rain, sleet, and ice pellets (and about an hour of snow) we had over an inch of measurable ice on everything. I have included pictures to tell the tale. The dogs had so much ice on them that their fur was matted down and we were afraid they would freeze. So we brought them inside overnight (in the garage). By morning, they didn’t have ice, but they were still damp. Lisa gave them a bath and fluffed them up. They were much warmer, then.

Our trees suffered, as you can tell. Our power was out from 8 pm 30 January 2002 through 8 am 31 January 2002. I took a shower at Nick’s house so that I could go to work with some dignity. The house only got down to 63 degrees overnight. Lisa had a good supply of candles. Nonetheless we were happy when the power came on. The kids didn’t complain at all – it was a big adventure. Then, after 6 hours of power, the lights went out again for three more hours. It has been on ever since. I was about ready to go buy a generator. Maybe I will anyway – for the next time this happens.”

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