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coast starlight thanksgiving (part 2)

November 25, 2001 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sunday, Tom and Chan drove us back to Portland to catch our train. (I’d learned my lesson – don’t try to use connections with AmTrak if you can help it. It was a cool day with intermittent showers and low clouds, which made the drive through the Columbia River Gorge absolutely breathtaking.



About halfway to Portland, we stopped at a World War I veterans’ memorial that had been constructed to appear the way Stonehenge in England probably looked originally.



t205 t206

After that, we got off the Interstate and took the scenic road that parallels the river, passing by a large number of waterfalls from streams falling into the gorge before joining the Columbia River. Some of the waterfalls are right by the road, and some can be seen from hiking trails.

t207 t208

We made a rest stop at a lodge build right by a waterfall. Here, Tom isn’t admiring the flowers :-) He’s checking a shot he just took in the review screen of his digital camera.


t210 t211




t215 t216


At the end of Columbia Gorge, where it opens up into a wide valley, is a scenic overlook, looking back up into the gorge.


After that, it’s just a short drive into Portland to find the B&B where Nancy and I would stay the night before catching our train home.


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