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midwest tour (part 2)

The most important reason for our Midwest visit was to see my new nephew – Beth and Russ had little Paul on August 2. Nancy took this great picture of Mom babysitting Paul.


We had a big family get-together at Russ and Beth’s new house. It’s a beautiful and well-designed house on top of a hill out in the country overlooking some of Jeff’s farm fields. It’s especially impressive once you learn that Russ and Beth, along with friends and family, did a huge amount of the construction and finishing themselves!



Nancy and I had some time for a quiet chat with Beth — and then the school bus arrived :-) Jessie and Hannah played with arts and crafts at the kitchen table, while Garrett and Jake headed straight for the backyard sandbox.



Later in the afternoon, once everyone else had arrived (Jeff and Terry, Don and Brenda, Russ, Mom and Dad, and Aunt June) we had dinner and a birthday cake for Brenda.


Nancy learned that June crochets too, and June showed her some useful tips and techniques.


Then it was time for a big game of Uno, with Dad, Russ, Don, Nancy, Brenda, Hannah, and me. OK, I’ll admit it, my siblings and I tend to be a little competitive when it comes to family games, and Don most so (not to point fingers or anything :-). Well, it turns out that Russ can give as good as he gets, so the “friendly” game got pretty exciting — the only question seemed to be which of these two Titans would win!


So guess who ended up winning? :-) :-)


Not surprisingly, when bedtime came around a bunch of little ones said “but I’m not tired! Can’t I stay up a little longer?” :-)


Meanwhile, Jeff headed back out to the fields to get more combining done that night — rain was forecast for the next day which would put the harvesting on hold.

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