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midwest tour (part 1)

This year Nancy and I can’t make it back to the Midwest for Thanksgiving or Christmas, so we decided to plan a short fall trip. The weather was sunny, cool but not cold, and the leaves were just starting to turn — perfect Iowa weather!

We arranged a weekend picnic at Lake Arrowhead with Nancy’s family: Aunt Ruth, her parents Neva and Bob, cousin Lisa and her husband Dave. We had a yummy lunch of hot dogs cooked over the fire, then we all decided to go for a walk around the lake. (All except Dave – he’s not pictured at right, but you’ll see what he was up to later. :-)





When we got back to Bob and Neva’s campsite, we found out how Dave had kept himself busy — keeping those picnic tables down is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it! :-)


Chris, Rie, and Jasmine couldn’t make it to the park, but we were able to stop by and visit later in the trip. Jasmine’s sure growing up!


Jasmine and Nancy looked pretty cool in their sunglasses in the car on the way to lunch.


Jasmine liked the little purse that Nancy had crocheted for her – she had a little doll that was a perfect fit.


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