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Now that the puppies aren’t so much puppies any more, I’ve been able to go back to occasionally biking to work again. Autumn seems to have come early to California this year, with cooler days. On foggy mornings like this one the bike trail is very quiet and closed in on itself. I remember thinking just how beautiful and isolated it seemed, how peaceful, a whole hour all to myself and my thoughts.



As I pedaled up to the campus’ perimeter fence, I was a little surprised to see Security at the gate personally checking badges. I showed mine, and then carried my bike up to my office. I toweled off and changed into my work clothes. It was only when I carried my water bottle over to the drinking fountain to refill it that I saw a group of people standing by the hallway video monitor watching CNN, and I came up to see what was going on.

I don’t quite know how to describe how I felt, other than the obvious: shock, sorrow, anger of course, and pity that anyone could have so much hate. I had a feeling that I didn’t have during the Gulf War, or from the Oklahoma City bombing — sort of a numb “So this is what it feels like to be in a history book”.

I believe that for each of us, every choice we make both creates and reveals what kind of person we are. The perpetrators, instigators, and supporters of these atrocities have clearly shown us what kind of people they are. People all around the world, in their reactions and their actions, will soon show us what kind of people they are. What kind of people do we want to discover ourselves to be? The history books are waiting for us to choose…

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