dog dog

September 2, 2001 Leave a comment Go to comments

So you say you’re not sick and tired of dog pictures yet? (Anyone? Anyone? :-)

dog1 dog2

Can you tell they’re siblings? :-) It’s funny, they’ll chase each other around and around and it looks pretty fierce, but they take turns “winning”. And with any other dogs they pretty much immediately lie down and give up, even for a pair of little beagles at our nearby park! :-)

dog3 dog4


Maggie really enjoys playing fetch. Hank does too, but after a bit he gets a little tired. When that happens, he doesn’t chase all the way to the toy, but stops partway and waits till Maggie’s on her way back with it, then tries to take it away so he can be the one to return it. Of course, she doesn’t let him! :-)




Guess who the camera hog is :-)


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