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jess 1990

I found a roll of undeveloped film recently, and when it was developed it turned out to be from 1990! I was very happy to see that it included a couple pictures of Nancy’s Jessie.

jess1 jess2

In 1990, Jessie was probably only two or three years old, and Nancy hadn’t had her for very long. What a beautiful dog she was! That was around the time Nancy and I first met, and I remember Jess was always eager for attention and petting — Jess would come up and sit in front of you, but if you didn’t start petting her soon enough she would reach up with one of her front feet and paw a little bit at your leg. It always worked on me! :-)

Our Maggie is a little bit like that too, but she prefers to come up and lay her head down across your lap sideways or even upside down. She also likes to stick her nose under my book or newspaper and try to push it aside when she’s feeling left out :-)

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