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A favorite weekend activity of ours lately is to drive up to the dog park in San Jose. Maggie and Hank enjoy it so much that any time we go outside for a walk they first try to head to the car, because car rides always mean fun! :-)



The dog park is an acre or two, fenced so that dogs can run off-leash. Most of it grassy, with big oak trees for shade, picnic tables, and park benches.


Often, the same people and their dogs are at the park. Hank and Maggie’s best friends are another pair of golden retrievers, named Zeus and Lexi.

Hank, Maggie, and Lexi


Hank, Maggie, and Zeus


Lexi and Zeus are 3 or 4 years old, while Maggie and Hank have just turned 1. Zeus is a “people” dog, and he likes to come up to someone, sit down next to them, then lean against them and even sit on one of their feet, looking so adorable you just have to pet him :-) Lexi prefers to chase thrown balls, and even better, leap up high into the air and catch them on the first bounce. She’ll even run off a little distance and bark to let you know she wants you to play :-) Zeus is on the big side, but Lexi is only 35 pounds full grown.


It’s funny, but since Hank and Maggie have been playing with their new friends, they’ve both (but especially Hank) started the sit-and-lean- so-you-gotta- pet-me thing, and Maggie has started the same leaping way of catching balls. :-)

There are almost always lots of other dogs at the park too, of just about every breed. Maggie and Hank get along really well with just about every dog, big or little.



After an hour or two of playing, they’re just about completely tuckered out, and often fall asleep on the drive home. As they’ve gotten bigger (they’re over 60 pounds, probably near full growth) the back seat of the car has become pretty cramped for them. So sometime soon, we’re going to have to get them a new car, probably a small SUV.


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