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bike dc!

Our train from Baltimore arrived at Union Station in downtown D.C. in the early afternoon. Cal met us just outside the station, and smart man that he is, he had three bikes with him! So we stowed our bags in his car, then spent the afternoon biking around the Capitol Mall.

dc01 dc02

We biked past the Capitol building, then over to the Tidal Basin to the Thomas Jefferson memorial. Washington is pretty bike friendly, at least during the workweek when there aren’t so many tourists around. :-) The blossoms had already fallen from the famous cherry trees along the Tidal Basin and there were already small cherries growing on them.




We continued around the Tidal Basin to the FDR memorial…


then on to the Lincoln memorial and the west end of the Mall. It was a beautiful sunny day, not too hot and not too chilly.


Cal (did I mention earlier that he was a smart man? :-) had packed a picnic lunch in a backpack, so we had a late lunch on the steps of the Lincoln memorial.



Then we continued on to the Viet Nam Veterans memorial, the Declaration of Independence Signers memorial, and the White House. It was a leisurely ride and we made plenty of stops to admire the view. Cal is a great tour guide for D.C. and knows lots of interesting stories about the various monuments.




It was late in the afternoon before we got back to Union Station, and headed south toward Cal and Joni’s house in northern Virginia while discussing what we wanted to make sure and see during the rest of our stay. I would highly recommend a biking day for anyone visiting D.C.!

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