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working vacation in baltimore

I was invited to present two papers at a work conference held in a brand new luxury hotel on the waterfront in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. The company paid all my expenses, so all we had to do was kennel the puppies and buy an airline ticket for Nancy and she got to come along for a well-deserved vacation from her very stressful counseling job.

The conference was two and a half days, so while I was giving my presentations and attending others Nancy got to sleep late, relax, and explore downtown Baltimore’s renovated waterfront area. Truth be told, I passed on a few conference sessions so Nancy and I could do some exploring together :-)


Here is an old power plant that now contains a Hard Rock Cafe, and a Barnes & Noble bookstore that we spent hours in.


Here is the very cool Baltimore Aquarium. The conference held a private reception there on Tuesday evening, which Nancy and I found very interesting (Nancy especially liked the crab dip, and I liked the cheesecake).


There were several historic ships docked in various places around the harbor, but unfortunately we just didn’t have time to check them out.


There were lots of good restaurants too — our favorite was a little Italian place called Amicci’s in the Little Italy neighborhood.

On the morning of the last day of the conference, Nancy walked to another area of downtown where there were many historic buildings and statues. I believe this is a monument to George Washington.



baltimore7 baltimore8


The conference ended at noon, then Nancy and I caught an afternoon train headed south to Washington, D.C., to spend a couple of days with Cal and Joni!

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