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christmas comes early

December 18, 2000 Leave a comment Go to comments

The morning after the graduation we made the drive west to my parents’ house for my family’s Christmas celebration. Normally it’s only a two hour drive, but high winds and blowing snow made the going slow. (There was more snow in the week we were in Iowa than in all of last winter!) We arrived after dinner, though fortunately they saved plenty for us :-), but we did arrive just in time for the opening of presents!

Just about everybody was there: Mom and Dad, Jeff, Terry, Josh, Jessie and Jake, Don and Brenda, and Russ, Beth, Garrett, and Hannah. Only Tom and Chan couldn’t make it home this year.



The kids opened all their presents first, then came the “grab bag” present exchange for the grownups. Everyone takes a number, and in order each person can either open a new present or take the already-opened present from someone else, who then gets to open another present. It’s a good system — we each only need to buy one present, yet everybody usually ends up with something pretty good, plus it makes for an exciting game.

Hannah volunteered to help pick out presents :-)


The present that Hannah picked for Mom was a small pet food dish, with the words “Now be a nice little owner and go get me my food!” :-) Mom and Dad don’t have any pets these days, and I thought that that sounded like Willow’s typical dinner-time attitude, so when my turn came around, I took it from Mom, and she got to open a different present.

The grab bag present that Hannah picked for Nancy had a nice brass pocket watch that Nancy liked. Liked is the right word, since Russ (who came next) liked it too :-)



And of course, once all the presents were opened, it was time to play!


xmas05 xmas06

xmas07 xmas08

Nancy and I stayed overnight with Mom and Dad, then we headed back up to Des Moines (a day early, to avoid yet another winter storm) for another family Christmas, this time with Nancy’s Mom and Dad, and their cat Cato. Cato’s favorite present was an empty paper bag :-)




xmas11 xmas12

The weather was iffy again on the day we flew back home to California. We were very fortunate to make our connection in Chicago by about two minutes — we were two of the last three people on the plane! It was really great to see our families, and I actually enjoyed the winter weather. (Well, the snow and cold is fun for about a week . After that I remember why I like California’s climate so much :-)

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