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graduation day

December 15, 2000 Leave a comment Go to comments

Nancy and I flew back to Iowa for her Master’s graduation (yay!). The graduation ceremony was on Friday evening, but we planned on arriving on the Tuesday before so she could take care of a few bits of final paperwork, and so we could visit with Amy and Dan for a few days.

It was fortunate that we’d left ourselves a little leeway in the schedule, since we were delayed a day due to a blizzard that shut down the Chicago airport. We finally arrived in Des Moines on Wednesday morning after our overnight flight, and once we got up to Ames we were pretty much ready for a good long nap in the loft guest room that Amy and Dan had ready for us. :-)


You’ve already met Amy and Dan’s daughter Sydney and son Jonah, from the pictures Nancy took during her October trip.

grad02 grad03

But the newest family member, Lucas (below, being guarded by Zack), is only a month old now.


Over the next couple of days, we had lots of fun playing with Sydney and Jonah. It was a great change of pace for Nancy (from all her thesis work) and me (from a hectic work schedule). A 4-year old, a 2-year old, and a newborn can be quite a handful (understatement of the year) so Amy and Dan seemed very happy to have the help, as well as the chance for some actual adult conversations :-)

grad05 grad07



“Grammy” and “Grumps”, Amy’s mom and dad, came over to visit one evening as well. Amy is an only child, so they’re very happy to have lots of grandchildren to spoil. :-)


It was pretty cold and snowy during our trip, so we spent most of the time indoors. But one afternoon we all got bundled up and walked over to Grammy and Grumps’ house, which is only a block away just around the corner. (Well, actually, everyone else walked, but I drove since Nancy and I needed to go in to campus a little later. It’s a tough job…. :-)



And then it was Graduation Day! (You remember, this web page is about Graduation Day :-) That’s Nancy, walking left across the stage, to receive her Master’s Degree from the President of the University. Congratulations!!


Another blizzard was coming in that evening, but Nancy’s mom and dad were able to make it up for the ceremony and dinner.

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