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December 4, 2000 Leave a comment Go to comments

I got an email letter with pictures recently from my friend Susan and her fiance Stephen, who live in Missouri.



Stephen and I left for Las Vegas Thursday and got back Sunday. Stephen’s company paid for all their employees and one guest each to go to Las Vegas. We really hated it in Las Vegas, it made us crazy. Thank god we had a side trip to the desert planned.

We rented a car and went to this place called Red Rock Canyon. It was incredible and made Las Vegas worthwhile. We climbed all over and up a mountain. It was like a giant play ground. When I ate my lunch that day it was on a rock barely big enough to sit on, 5,000 feet up and looking out at hundreds of miles of mountain range. When Stephen and I reached the peak of the mountain we set out for, we were about 6,000 feet up. When we finally made it back down we drove all around Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. We got out at one point and hiked about five miles into this area called Pine Tree Valley, because even though it is in the desert, this valley is full of Pine Trees. The colors in the whole place were intense and amazing. The mountains have all these strips of red, pink, grey and white. In some places the strips were swirly.

When we left Pine Tree Valley, the sun was setting. Neither of us wanted to go back to Las Vegas so we drove on the highway in the opposite direction through the mountains as the sun set. Sunsets in the desert are amazing because you can see so far out into the horizon (like sun sets on the ocean). And since we were far away from the city the sky was packed with layers of bright stars and the moon was so bright it felt like a spot light. As we were driving back, we saw the city from way up in the mountains, it seemed to shimmer and glimmer in the distance – really quite pretty. Being out in the desert gave us terrific perspective.


Thanks for the pictures, Susan — I think you picked the best way to enjoy Vegas too! :-) And congratulations on your engagement too!

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