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a three hour tour

October 14, 2000 Leave a comment Go to comments

Nancy barely had her bags unpacked from her Iowa trip, before it was time to bundle up and head out in the early early morning to join in on our friend Anne’s annual Girls’ Deep Sea Fishing Expedition. Anne, Michelle, and Nancy stayed overnight in a hotel near the Oakland marina so they could be at the dock before the boat cast off around 6:30am, as the sky began to lighten.



Here, you can just see the moon setting as the boat heads west across San Francisco Bay toward the Golden Gate Bridge.


Their timing was excellent — the sun rose through a gap in the clouds just after they passed through the Golden Gate into the Pacific.



The boat traveled west into the open ocean a couple of hours into the area near the Farallon Isles, which is a great fishing area. Unfortunately, as the song says, the weather started getting rough; the tiny ship was tossed. It wasn’t raining or stormy at the time, but rough waves from a recent (or oncoming?) storm gave several people pretty nasty sea-sickness — including Nancy :-(


It was quite a bit more than a three hour tour, all told, and they didn’t get back to Anne and Edwin’s house till after dark (where I joined them for dinner, having brought up some dry clothes for Nancy). Anne said that on her two previous years’ trips the seas had been mostly calm, though they had also been earlier in the season. But queasy as she had gotten, Nancy had caught a whole lotta fish for me to clean and put in the freezer :-)

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