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puppies’ first trip to the beach

To cap off an exciting two weeks of social events, on Saturday Hank and Maggie were invited by their friend Nicki to go to the beach! :-) Nicki’s “mommy” is Michelle, a friend of ours and coworker of Nancy’s. So we loaded up Michelle’s truck with blankets, toys, lunch, treats, water, dogs, and people, and headed over the mountains about an hour’s drive to Nicki’s favorite beach at Carmel.


It was warm and sunny at home, but cool and overcast at the beach, which was just what we were hoping for.



Michelle has water toys she throws into the ocean for Nicki to retrieve, which Nicki loves. Our puppies are still a little shy of the water but that won’t last long probably.


The beach at Carmel is known for being very dog-friendly, and Hank and Maggie got to meet a bunch of new friends. They also got to run around free without leashes, which was also a lot of fun for them.


Something else I learned: golden retrievers love to dig in the sand! The puppies watched Nicki doing it, and pretty soon they were enthusiastically working on big holes of their own…


which left everything behind them (people, picnic bags, Nicki…) covered in sand :-)


One of the best things about the beach is that the puppies can run and run and run and run and run and run and run and run … :-) Which eventually left them pretty pooped… for about five minutes. I needed a nap!


Michelle will be moving to southern California pretty soon. We’ll all miss her and Nicki. But we’re glad she and Nicki showed us this great beach . Thanks Michelle!


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