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val and marc’s west coast tour

Nancy and I flew back to California on Monday afternoon. We were very glad that there were no flight delays or other travel troubles, since Tuesday evening Nancy’s cousin Val and her husband Marc arrived! They live in Arizona, and were on a driving tour of the west coast. I was very glad to finally meet them, and we had a couple days to show them a few of the Bay area highlights.

One day, we took them to Henry Cowell Redwoods park in the Santa Cruz mountains. There is a trail that allows dogs, so we brought the Maggie and Hank along too. This was their (the puppies :-) first big trip away from home and they seemed to really enjoy themselves.

valandmarc1 valandmarc2

We took a pretty long hike, and it turned out we hadn’t brought along quite enough water. Fortunately, we met some people along the trail who were very happy to share :-)


Marc is an artist — a sculptor, painter, and photographer — and he was interested in the digital camera, to see what it could do. Here are a couple of pictures he took along the walk.

valandmarc4 valandmarc5

We spent most of their visit just chatting and getting to know each other. Marc and I had several very enjoyable conversations — he’s a New Yorker originally (accent? What accent? :-) He brought along his portfolio, and I really liked looking at the photos of his works, and then hearing his stories of how they came to be and what motivations were behind them.


Val is an experienced counselor herself (as well as a nurse), so she and Nancy had a lot to talk about “professionally”, as well as catching up as cousins.


Friday morning, they left to continue their trip up along the California coast. Nancy certainly has delightful cousins :-) One of these days we’ll have to go visit Val and Marc in Arizona, so we can see the area they like so much, and so I can meet Sylvia, the only one of Nancy’s cousins I haven’t yet met.

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