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nancy gets her wish

One of the things Nancy misses most about the midwest are the summer thunderstorms — the big billowy clouds growing heavier, then the coolness and relief from the humidity when the rain begins. (We seldom if ever get really severe weather in our part of California.) So far, though, on this trip it had been hot, humid, and sunny each day. But on Sunday she finally got her wish!

We met Nancy’s parents Bob and Neva for lunch out at Lake Arrowhead, where they were camping, and were joined by Nancy’s aunt Ruth, and cousin Lisa and her husband Dave. It rained pretty heavily for a while, so we chatted under an awning until it let up to sprinkles. Then Nancy, Lisa, Dave, and I decided to go for a stroll around the lake. It was actually pretty chilly, where it had been in the 90’s the day before!


Here are Dave and Lisa. We stood out on a pier in the lake for a bit, until it occurred to us that standing on a pier out on a lake under storm clouds wasn’t necessarily the best idea :-)


A couple of geese must have thought we might give them food, and started following us around. Unfortunately, we didn’t have anything to give them, and after a while they gave up (or decided we were silly to take the long way around the lake :-) and swam back.



We crossed a bridge over a narrow part of the lake, then tried to find a path through the woods.


Lisa took the lead after my attempt at trailblazing wound up in a muddy dead end. I thought I heard somebody muttering something about “…Blair Witch…” :-)


But Lisa got us through, and soon we were back at Bob and Neva’s campsite. This is their brand new fifth-wheel trailer.


Later on in the afternoon, my parents joined us, and we all sat and chatted, and looked at photos of Ruth’s and Lisa’s beautiful backyard gardens. They’re both excellent gardeners.


Chris, Rie, and Jasmine were still on their cross-country trip and hadn’t arrived in Iowa yet, so I was glad I’d brought my laptop so I could show the pictures I’d taken during their visit. (Nancy’s cousin Chris is Lisa’s brother and Ruth’s son.) I also got to show the pictures I’d taken just the day before at Beth’s wedding.

Bob and Neva do a lot of camping, and bring their cat Cato with them. Ruth showed us a hide-and-seek game she plays with him — she hides behind a tree and peeks out around at him. Pretty soon he’s so curious he has to come and see, but as he walks around the tree she moves around the other way, which she can keep up for quite a while :-)


The storm moved on over the afternoon, leaving us with sunny skies. The next day, Nancy and I gave Tom and Chan a ride to the airport before doing lunch and a little shopping in the Old Market. Then it was time for us to catch our own flight west.

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