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beth’s wedding (part 3)

After the ceremony came the reception. Beth and Russ started things off by giving each other the traditional piece of cake. (It didn’t look like they noticed the bit of missing frosting from where Hannah had tested it :-)




At one point, Hannah, Jessie, and Jake found the piano, and played some pretty funky music :-)


Here are Grandpa Joe and two of his sons (and my mom’s brothers), Uncle Jerry and Uncle Lonnie.


Here are Lonnie, and Jerry’s wife June. My brother Don is demonstrating the intricacies of his new-fangled camera — which works great, except for a couple of “minor quirks” :-)


A couple hours later, everyone had had enough cake and things started winding down. Beth and Russ started opening cards and gifts, while the rest of us made pretty quick work of cleaning up and getting the church back in order for Sunday services.


Garrett wanted to take one more picture with the digital camera :-) Congratulations, Russ and Beth!


Later on, Nancy and I headed out to the farm to see what was new at the old farmstead. Jeff showed off the “new and improved” backyard play house he built for Jake and Jessie.


Don came over too to “stress test” the spiral slide. (Jake thought he was taking too long to come down, and pulled Don out so he could take a turn! :-)


The ground floor of the playhouse is a sandpile farm and construction area, and Jake showed me how he runs the machinery…


… and Jessie showed me her snorkling. She’ll be ready to join the crew of the Calypso in no time! :-)


Jeff and Terry grilled hamburgers for dinner, then Jake and Jessie showed us each and every toy they have and how they work (and they have a lot of toys :-) We also got to see the remodeled sewing room / family room in the basement — very nice work! We all chatted until Jessie and Jake’s bedtime. As the visiting out of town uncle, I got to read the bedtime story :-)


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