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beth’s wedding (part 2)

Saturday was wedding day, with the ceremony scheduled for 2:00 pm, but first there still a little work to be done at the church in the morning. While some people put the tablecloths and place-settings on the tables in the reception area, Garrett helped Grandma (my mom, Jane) and Terry (my brother Jeff’s wife) with the mint trays in the kitchen, and Hannah made sure the wedding cake frosting tasted OK. :-)



Finally, everything was done and everything was ready. Here’s a close-up of the cake, and of the little figurine that was a gift to Beth and Russ (I don’t recall from whom.)


Next, it was time for pictures by the professional photographer, and also by just about every relative from both families :-)


Here’s a picture of my family: On the left side is my brother Jeff and his wife Terry, with their kids Josh, Jake, and Jessie. On the far right is my brother Tom and his wife Chan, and next to them is my brother Don and his wife Brenda. Mostly obscured in the back row :-) are my uncle Lonnie, me, my dad, and Russ. In front of us are Nancy, my mom, and my Grandpa Joe. Next to him are Beth, Hannah, and Garrett.


Here’s Grandpa Joe (my mom’s father) with two of his great-grandchildren, Jake and Jessie.


Here are my brother Don and his wife Brenda.


Garrett was very interested in my digital camera, and he took this picture of Nancy and me. Thanks, Garrett!


And finally it was time! The ceremony was terrific, though Hannah got a little distracted (by the crowd perhaps), and started wandering around with her flower basket, and even laid down for a little nap at one point. It made the ceremony even better, and everyone enjoyed it, except perhaps Garrett who often gets embarrassed by his little sister :-). I didn’t get any pictures of Hannah’s adventures, but Jeff videotaped the whole ceremony. The minister even suggested that Beth and Russ should save the video to show Hannah when she comes home some day to say she’s getting married! :-)


After the ceremony came the reception…

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