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beth’s wedding (part 1)


Nancy and I flew back to Iowa for my sister Beth’s wedding. We stayed at my parent’s house, along with Beth’s children Garrett and Hannah. Garrett has learned to ride a bike without training wheels, and was eager to show us :-)

wedding1b wedding1c

A bunch of us from both our family and Russ’ (Beth’s fiance) family spent Friday afternoon getting the church set up for the wedding. That evening after the rehearsal, everyone from both families headed for the rehearsal dinner/cookout at Russ’ house in Omaha, and between all of our family and all of Russ’ family it was a pretty big shindig. (Most of the people in the pictures below are from our family. The guy in the white shirt who’s in both pictures is my dad, Bert, and the guy in the blue shirt with a white stripe in one of my brothers, Don. How’d they do that? :-)



Garrett, along with two of my older brother Jeff’s kids, Jake and Jessie, wanted to show off some of their toys.


The party didn’t break up till after dark, but we didn’t stay up too late, since there was still plenty of work to do at the church the next morning…

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