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take me out to the ball game

Several years ago, Randy and Denise, and my coworker Evan introduced me to the fun of minor league baseball. I’ve even been to a couple of Durham Bulls games (as in the movie “Bull Durham”) while on business trips to North Carolina.

San Jose has a local minor league team of its own that’s a farm team for the San Francisco Giants. Sunday the 16th was “Morgan Hill Day” at the San Jose Giants vs. the visiting Lancaster JetHawks, so Nancy and I along with Eric, Michelle, and Lexi, and Anne and Edwin drove up to the ballpark to catch the late afternoon game.

The national anthem was just finishing as we arrived, around 5pm. We found seats along the third-base line, then headed for the barbecue area to get some dinner, getting back to our seats before the Giants came up in the bottom of the first.


I was the only one to bring a baseball cap (my souvenir Durham Bulls cap!) and it was getting a bit warm, so after a couple of innings we moved over to the stands behind home plate to get out of the sun.

bezboll3 bezboll2

It was a really good game. The JetHawks got an early lead, and held it for quite a while, though the Giants were never far behind. Between innings there were the usual promotional raffles and games — with my Morgan Hill Day souvenir program, I missed winning one of the raffles by a single number. Too bad, the prize was dinner for two at a local a restaurant. Also, I got several three-in-a-rows in my “baseball bingo” card before someone else won. :-)



The crowd got more enthusiastic as the Giants came from behind to take the lead around the 7th inning stretch, and really went wild when the Beer Batter struck out! FYI: The “Beer Batter” is one of the players (chosen randomly?) from the visiting team. Whenever that player comes up to bat, they play “The Beer Barrel Polka” over the PA. If the beer batter strikes out, beer is half-price at the concession stand for the next 15 minutes. They don’t do that at the Major League games! :-)

Here’s the go-ahead run scoring while Eric gives Lexi a boost so she can see from right behind home plate.


The JetHawks tied it up again in the top of the ninth and the Giants couldn’t score in the bottom, so the game went into extra innings. By then, the sun was setting and it was getting a bit chilly. The crowd was starting to thin out, but loyal fans that we were :-), we stayed to see whether the Giants could pull off a victory.


It took two extra innings with a couple of close calls, but the Giants finally won it in the 11th inning! We had come to one game last season, which the Giants lost, so it was good to know we weren’t a jinx after all :-)



Nancy and I got home around 9:30, and we got to tell our other friend Michelle (who was puppy-sitting for us) about the game, and she got to tell us how adorable and cute and well-behaved Maggie and Hank had been. :-)


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