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what to expect when you’re expecting… puppies!

Nancy and I are going to be parents! Well, OK, not really, but when we decided it was time for us to get a dog again, we also decided we wanted to get a puppy (which we hope Willow will get along with better right away than with a larger dog). So as Nancy’s birthday present, on Saturday we went to a local Golden Retriever breeder who lives in the country just a couple miles from our house.

The breeder had a new litter, with three girls and three boys still available. We played with them all for quite a while, trying to decide who was our favorite. It was pretty tough… they were all so adorable :-)


Nancy finally picked out the cutie below, and named her Maggie, short for Margaret Mitzi May (the mother’s name is Mitzi, and the litter was born in May).



Did I mention that it was hard to choose between them? So hard, in fact, that I had to pick one too, a little boy I named Hank, short for Henry David Thoreau. (Which is cheekier, I wonder, naming a dog after Thoreau, or having done so, calling him “Hank”? :-)

That’s Maggie on the left and Hank on the right. Since Golden Retrievers are such social animals, having two should make it easier for them when Nancy and I are at work.


We spent a couple hours playing with them in the breeder’s back yard, until they were all tuckered out! :-) But I think they were already bonding with us… Hank would even come to me when I called!


Here’s Maggie and Hank’s father, Bruce, who is very friendly, but also very well-mannered. He’s got a dark red coat, similar to Nancy’s Jesse, and little Maggie shows signs that maybe she’ll take after her dad.


The puppies still need to spend more time with their mom, so we have a week to get everything ready for their arrival next Saturday. Raising two puppies while we’re both working won’t be easy, but fortunately we both have pretty flexible work schedules, friends with experience with puppies to help out, and books with lots of good advice. We can hardly wait!

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